InQube's Mission

“InQube™ is more than just an open-source space mission”

What is the InQube™ Satellite?

InQube™ (In: India, Qube: CubeSat) is an 1U Technology Demonstration CubeSat Mission led by the Paradox Sonic Space Research Agency (@PSSRIndia). The mission of the satellite is to test the applicability of  commercial and inexpensive electronics, especially the payloads, on-board computer and the transmission system in spacecraft and expose it to extreme orbital space conditions, such as heat, cold, vacuum and radiation, for an extended period of time.

The primary non-scientific mission of InQube™ is to prove the accessibility of space to the masses through both demonstration of a low-cost CubeSat and educational outreach. By introducing the concept of open-sourcing the whole satellite mission would help in reaching thousands of space geeks around the planet. To further the primary mission scientifically, the InQube™ is tend to study the magnetosphere’s weather conditions and understand the inertia onboard the satellite bus which makes the satellite tumble in space. Furthermore, InQube™ may also deploy a femto-satellite chip in space upon its successful deployment in the designated orbit.

InQube is the First Open-Source Satellite of India and would also be the World’s Lowest Cost Space Mission. Cheers 🙂


  • Size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm
  • Weight: 1kg (Mass)
  • Body: CNC-milled Aluminum (Al6061) 
  • Sensors: Temperature, Pressure, GPS, Inertia
  • Antennae: 4 tape antennae
  • Radio: RF downlink on 70cm amateur frequency
  • Camera: 2 mpx camera
  • Powered by 96 solar cells

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